Trackon Courier Charges Per Kg Calculator Online

Calculate Trackon Courier Charges Per Kg in india and Interntional. Read Below Instructions to know how to calculate your Rates List, Charges List, Price List etc…

Below Image is the example of how Trackon Courier charges calculator works. (This is not official one, take it as sample)

1. First You need to select Origin city

2. Next Type Destination Pincode.

3. Choose type of consignment (document or Parcel)

4. Select Mode of Transport (Air or Surface)

5. If you want Risk Cover, Enter Value (*optional)

6. Enter weight in Kg or Volumetric Dimensions (L*B*H) If applicable

7. You Charges will be Calculated and Shown to you.

In addtional to service Charges List, Below Rates also included to final price.

1. Risk Charge (if you choose risk cover)
2. Fuel Surcharge @40%
3. C/N Charge
4. EDL Charge
5. Service Tax at 15%

trackon courier charges calculator

Other Usedful Details :-

Charges depends on what type of Transport you Need. Currently trackon couriers provide three modes of transport :-

*Surface Mode domestic
*Air Mode Domestic
*International Shipments

Usually Rates Fixed Per kg (Kilograms). If you have your parcel details in other measures (ex. Pounds), You can use trackon couriers weight converter to change in to Kg.

If your Consignment light in weight but occupying larger space due to dimension; it needs to be charged as per volumetric weight calculations shown below.

For Domestic Surface Transport

Volumetric Weight = Length x Breath x Height/5000

For Domestic Air Courier

Volumetric Weight = Length x Breath x Height/6000

For International Parcels

Volumetric Weight = Length x Breath x Height/5000

*All measures must be in Centimeter.

By Recent announcement, From First April 2017, Fuel Surcharge Applicable @ 40% on existing Rates.


1. Length More than 100cm cannot be booked as Rail or Air Mode.

2. If you have a package weights more than 80 kg, It needs approval by trackon couriers and you need to pay extra cost.

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    Kindly share your courier charges list in all over India so i will type your courier in regular because EverReady 50 orders are dispatching right now i am typing delhivery courier but your rates are good the i am type your company.

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